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Thai Street Food Recipes

If you’ve ever visited Thailand then you’ll know that the street food is available everywhere, and that it's delicious, and don’t go thinking that it’s just for the tourists – we Thais love our street food, we eat it all the time and it’s very much part of our culture.

This genre of food is great for nibbles but in the UK it is also perfect for starters, whether each dish is served on its own, or with other street food dishes to create an exciting mixed starter combination.


pork satay pork satay

Pork Satay

Delicious pork satay served with peanut dip, cucumber pickle and toast

24 skewers : Preparation Time 1 hour 15 minutes : Cooking time 10 minutes

authentic thai fish cakes authentic thai fish cakes

Thai Fish Cakes

*** The page for this recipe still under construction ***

Authentic Thai fish cakes and a cucumber pickle accompaniment

12 fishcakes : Preparation Time 45 minutes : Cooking time 20 minutes


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