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Cooking with Tan

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Basics for the Novice Cook

Vegetables and other things

In this section I've covered some of the more popular sides and in particular those used in my recipes. If some are trickier to prepare than others I've provided some extra tips, whether a technique to use during preparation, or even a shortcut to make your time in the kitchen a liitle easier.

Common Vegetables

Everybody knows that vegetables are good for you, and a healthy balanced meal will have at least one third of the plate covered with vegetables.

The following are readily grown in the UK and are usually not very expensive:

Brocccoli,   Brussel Sprouts,  Carrots,   Cauliflower,  Celery,   Cucumber,   Mushrooms,  Onion,   Peas,   Shallots,  Spring Onion,  

Exotic Vegetables

The following vegetables enable us to try dishes from around the world:

Baby Sweetcorn,   Chillies,  Courgette,   Peppers,   Sweet Potatoes

Canned vegetables

Occasionally the tinned variety makes sense:

Baked Beans,   Chickpeas,  Red Kidney Beans,  

Carbohydrates (Starches)

Most dishes will have a starch content. It doesn't just fill us up - it's where most of our energy comes from:

Pasta,  Potatoes (mash),   Rice,  


Here are some very quick solutions to culinary chores:

Gravy,  Oven Chips,   Yorkshire pudding,  


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