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Cooking with Tan

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Basics for the Novice Cook


As my website was inspired by two particular groups of people, it's only right that the scope should include a section that covers the basics of cooking, and also that the content is pitched at the right level for those groups. This is what I have attempted to do in the following section.

Those of you who are visiting my website, but already have cooking experience, may just want to peruse the "Recipes" section, unless you are getting inconsistent or unsatisfactory results and would like to review my approach in any event.

This section comprises:

Cookware - An introduction to pots, pans & other utensils.

Cooking Methods - An overview of different cooking methods (baking, grilling, stir fry, etc).

Kitchen Hygiene - Important points about food safety.

Herbs & Spices - The herbs and spices used in my recipes.

Vegetables and things - How to prepare and cook vegetables and other sides.

Getting started - Something easy and tastey to start your cooking journey.



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